April 9, 2019
New photoproject from Olga Navrotska

Osadcha, Kukhar and Efrosinina have made the images of forest mawocks in mystical photosession.

The author of the shooting was Olga Navrotskaya.
The host of "Social life" Tv program Kateryna Osadcha,
Masha Efrosinina, a member of the "Dance with Stars" and project judge Ekaterina Kukhar became the heroines of a new mystical photo shoot.

Famous women took part in the filming for JetSetter. The author of the photoset idea was the designer Olga Navrotskaya.

In the photographs, Osadchaya, Efrosinina, and Kukhar appear as forest mawok. In white dresses, with wreaths on the head, in flowers, herbs and in water, the stars look very mysterious.

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